Colombia's FARC probing rebel unit's opposition to peace deal

Colombia's FARC probing rebel unit's opposition to peace deal

By Nelson Acosta and Sarah Marsh HAVANA (Reuters) – A leader of Colombia’s FARC rebel group said on Thursday it was investigating why a breakaway unit is opposing a potential peace deal with the government that would end five decades of war. The Armando Rios First Front, a 200-strong FARC guerrilla unit in Colombia’s southeastern jungle province of Guaviare, said in a statement on Wednesday that it will not lay down arms or demobilize under a peace accord. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) commander Pastor Alape said the group’s leadership was still looking into the reasons behind the statement from First Front, which once gained notoriety for holding ex-presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three American contractors hostage.



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